Recording a sickness notification

In the following article you will learn how to record a sickness notification and submit a sickness certificate electronically.

Recording a new sickness notification

To create a new notification of sickness click in the menu “Inbox/Dashboard” on the button “New Sickness”.  

As an alternative, open the menu “Time management/Absences”. Click on the button “Report sick” to record a new sickness notification.

Capturing data

Choose the kind of sickness and enter the begin date and the end date in the subsequent input window. If the sickness notification only concerns half a day, define whether you will be absent in the morning or in the afternoon.

By clicking on “Select file” and “Upload” you can upload a sickness certificate. To inform your team members about your absence tick the appropriate checkbox. In case you require a substitute for your absence, choose him or her from the dropdown menu. Click on “Report sick” to finish the application and to forward it to your substitute.

The substitute will receive an email informing about the request for substitution of his or her colleague.

Editing a sickness notification

There is the possibility to edit or reverse your sickness notifications in the menu “Time management/Absences”. In case your absence overruns its time, select the captured notification and click on the button “Extend sickness notification”. 

Enter the new end date and the tentative significant reason for the extension in the subsequent input window and save the process. If you have not yet submitted a sickness notification, upload it by clicking on the button and confirming the upload with “Finished”. 

If you would like to delete already recorded sickness certificates, please click on the button “Cancel” and enter a justification for this decision.

Letztes Update am 27. April 2021

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