FLOW – Attendance overview

The new attendance overview - only in FLOW

To make it even easier for you to see whether a person is present and reachable on the current day and time, you can now use the new attendance overview available in the FLOW user interface.

Here you can see on one page who is present or absent and can see information about when people clocked in or out and whether they are on a business trip or doing their work remotely.

Assigning authorizations

The prerequisite for granting the required authorizations is the “Master Administrator” role.

To allow your employees to view the new attendance overview, first grant them the “Can see attendance overview (FLOW)” authorization. This allows you to view the data that you are also allowed to view in the telephone directory when a person is called.

With the extended permission “Is allowed to see working time details in attendance overview”, additional details about clock-in and clock-out times of persons who record their working times in HRWorks are displayed. The authorization “May see working time information in attendance overview” is only effective if the authorization “Is allowed to see working time details in attendance overview” has also been granted.

Importing authorizations

If you want to grant the authorization directly to several persons, it may be faster to import this data. The structure of the import file can be seen in the following example:


User ID;Personnel number;Authorization – Show attendance overview;Authorization – Show working time details in attendance overview




Save the completed file in csv format.


Now click on the button “Import” in the menu Admin/People/People (prerequisite is the role “Master administrator”). Now select your file from the PC and click on “Upload”. Remove the checkbox “Import new persons” and set the checkbox “Change existing persons.


In the box below, check if the assigned values match the fields. If not, you can correct the assignments here.

Person import example

Then click on “Import” and wait for the subsequent message about the successful import.

Letztes Update am 08. April 2021

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