Creating multi-day trips

In the following you will learn how to create multi-day trips.

Creating a new travel expense report

To create a travel expense report click in the menu “Inbox/Dashboard” on the button “New”.

As an alternative, open the menu “Travel management/Travel expense reports” directly. All recorded expense reports or travel requests are displayed here. Feed a new travel expense report using the same named button.

Entering trip data

The new trip will open in a new tab. Enter all basic data here, start with the purpose of your trip. Record the period of time including date and time, point of departure and destination. If you visited stopovers on your trip, you can feed them too. Generally, the cost center will be suggested. If this is not the case or if you would like to select another cost center, please choose one out of the drop-down menu. That applies to cost units, too.

To continue with the record, click on “Next”.

Receipt registration

Your receipts will be registered and saved separately in this menu. Register the first receipt by selecting the cost category. Enter a description of the receipt in the field “Text”, such as the name of a gas station.

Depending on the cost category, more or less fields have to be filled in. As to a hotel receipt, the begin and end date of the overnight stay will be filled in already. Feed the gross amount and select the appropriate payment method. In case you have paid the amount in a foreign currency, select the currency, too. You can specify your own exchange rate for the selected currency in the field “Exchange rate”. If this field is left blank, HRworks will use an exchange rate based on daily updates. as soon as you have saved your data using the button “Save”, the receipt will appear in the list of already fed receipts above. Submit all further receipts in the same manner.

You can copy, split and delete receipts or relocate them to the unassigned receipts either by using the available buttons or via right-hand click on the relevant receipts. 

In case you have similar receipts in other travel expense reports, select “Copy receipts from travel expense report”. You just have to adapt the data in the copy of a receipt. As soon as you have recorded all receipts, click on “Next”.

Attaching receipts

You can attach your digital receipts in the menu “Digital receipts”. Learn more about this in the instructions: Attaching digital receipts. If this function is not activated in your account, please continue with Step 5. Click on “Next” to feed the kilometer value.

Depositing kilometer values

Open the menu “Kilometer” to continue the recording. State if you used a private vehicle or a company car and add the distance covered. Select the vehicle type or create a new vehicle type on the button “Vehicles”. When appropriate, add a description about the route, add the cost center and the cost unit and save the process. To continue the recording, click on “Next”. 

Editing day specifications

The menu “Day specifications” contains information about the countries and the received meals during the trip. HRworks calculates the daily allowance automatically and takes account of possible reductions for the breakfast, too – depending on the given hotel voucher.  If your trip did not take place in Germany, change the country per day clicking in the line.

Click on “Change all days” or “Change selected days” to transfer the alteration to other days.  If the modification is only applicable to certain days, click on “Change selected days”. Undergo the same process when it comes to reductions for meals or make the amendment directly in the line of the relevant day. To continue the process, click on “Next”.

Completing the recording of the trip

You can review and print all reports of any trip in the menu “Reports”. Control your statements and print the cost report. You will be asked afterwards whether you would like to conclude the trip registration.  If all your information is correct, confirm the notification with “Yes”. Submit the printed report with the original receipts to be checked by the accounting department. Alternatively, complete the recording with a click on “Submit”. The trip will be finalized and forwarded to your supervisor automatically for clearance. You can see the trip in your overview, review it and keep track of the current status.

Letztes Update am 10. May 2021

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